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When you have completed your “challenge,” submit your name on this Google Form to be entered in a weekly drawing for the “Soaring Eagle” award.  The class winner will be awarded the small eagle mascot and will bring it to the flag salute the following week to pass it on to the new class winner.


Soaring Fairness Award:

Be on the lookout for one kid who displays outstanding behavior with being FAIR. Use this Google Form to nominate your student at the end of the month or sometime before February 23rd: These students will be recognized at Flag Salute, take a group photo for display in the front office, and receive a small gift of appreciation.

Suggestions :)

Please contribute any suggestions you may have for books, videos, improvements, etc. on this Google Form


Digital Citizenship

Gracie & Friends Breakfast Time (K-2)

Description: Gracie & Friends Breakfast Time is a math skill-building app for young students in early elementary school. The focus of the app is simple: Students must divide a piece of food into equal parts, portion them onto plates or bowls, and then serve them to their waiting friends. 

Teacher Resources

Edutopia article on the importance of treating kids fair.

"Fair Isn't Equal"

7 Classroom Tips



Some traits of fairness include: sharing and taking turns, keeping an open mind about opinions that differ from yours, not blaming others, playing by the rules, and respecting the rights of others.

Challenge Activity-February 2019

Challenge Activity

I am Jackie Robinson

Watch and listen to "I am Jackie Robinson" by Brad Meltzer with your buddy class.  To facilitate a discussion, pause the video at the indicated times to TURN & TALK with the suggested questions. Please adapt the lesson to meet the needs of your students. 

Use this Online Read Aloud, "I am Jackie Robison" to show your students. Click here to print out the suggested questions below

  • (2:11) How was Jackie treated unfairly by his neighbor and her father when he was 8 years old?

  • (3:28) What was special about Jackie’s childhood games that he played?

  • (4:26) What was unfair about the rules at the community pool?

  • (5:53) How did Jackie’s mom teach him how to treat others fairly?

  • (6:58) What lesson did Mr. Anderson teach Jackie?

  • (7:48) What 4 sports did Jackie play at UCLA?  What lessons can sports teach about fairness and/or unfairness?

  • (8:36) Why did Jackie’s football teammate try to hurt him?

  • (9:15) Why wasn’t Jackie allowed to play on a major league baseball team even though he was an amazing and talented player?

  • (10:55) How was Mr. Ricky trying to help Jackie?  What lesson did he teach others about fairness?

  • (13:26) When Jackie started playing baseball for the Brooklyn Dodgers, how was he treated unfairly by people on other teams?

  • (14:36)  How did Jackie Robinson change the game of baseball and sports?

  • (15:52)  What does “leading by example” mean? (grades 3-5)  

  • (15:58) How did things change years later at the community pool where Jackie was not allowed to swim when he was a kid?

  • (16:10)  What is special about Number 42?

  • What did Jackie’s life and accomplishments teach people about fairness?

Optional Extension Activity (after watching the video): 

  1. (K-2) Print out the COLORING PAGE for your students to color.

  2. (3-5)  Journal Entry: Have students reflect on Jackie’s story and write about about what inspires them to make a difference and/or reflect on what fairness means to them.

Social Justice Books

Strictly No Elephants

by Lisa Mantchev


Strictly No Elephants

For the Right to Learn

by Rebecca Langston-George

(Human Rights, Education)

For the Right To Learn




  • “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” – Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

  • “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal.” – U.S. Declaration of Independence

  • “When you’ve…walked through that doorway of opportunity, you do not slam it shut behind you. You reach back, and you give other folks the same chances that helped you succeed.” – Michelle Obama

  • “I look to a day when people will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.”  -Martin Luther King, Jr.

  • “Being good is easy, what is difficult is being just.” – Victor Hugo

  • "Teach all men to fish, but first teach all men to be fair. Take less, give more"


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Check out other stories and quotes by kids doing the fair thing! 


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