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Meeting Notes

Interested in what is discussed at the Eagle Meetings? Return to this page for a summary of what was discussed at each 2019-2020 meeting.

October 15th


Charleston Wrap - Huge Success! Thank you for all of your support. If your order is being delivered to school, we will know soon when your order is ready to pick up.

Turkey Trot Updates

  • T-shirt order is finalized and is being printed. Shirts will be distributed to teachers to send home with students.
  • Shoutouts are still available on Future Fund.
  • Donations are coming in through Pledge Star
    • The class that has collected the most donations will get the Turkey for a week
    • At the end, every student from the winning class from each grade level will receive a $5 gift card to Sweet Street

Corporate Match - Lindsay is working on it! If you have questions, contact her.

Staff Updates

  • LCAP feedback
  • CAASPP scores, specifically ELA - Looking to grow as a school in this area
  • Math Intervention

September 10th Notes


Interested in joining the Eagle Ed board? Please contact Lisa Willett or talk to any board member. (All members are listed on the contacts page above.)

Registration is now closed. However, you can still make donations through the school store (Future Fund). Thank you to all the completed registration. Your donations are greatly appreciated!

Corporate Match: Lindsay Scheidtmann will be contacting you via email if you checked the box regarding Corporate Match. Please check with your company about procedures and begin the process on your end! Thank you for donating!

Golf Tournament - Lots of fun and a huge success! Greenbrook did now win, but everyone involved had a blast! Buy into next year's event at this year's auction on March 14th.

Charleston Wrap - Happening now! Order by September 20th. This is an every-other-year fundraiser, so STOCK UP!

Turkey Trot T-shirt contest begins this week. Drawings are due in the office by 3pm on Monday, September 23rd.

District Policy Changes on Fundraising - New guidelines passed for fundraisers done during school hours. For example, individual prizes will be given, but class parties and grade level incentives are acceptable. The district is still working out specifics. Attend a school board meeting if you are interested in learning more about this topic.

Budget Update - Leslie updated the board on the budget.

Principal and Teacher Update - A computer cart of 30 Chrombooks has been purchased for 3rd grade. A second cart of 30 Chrombooks will be purchased for 2nd grade.

The board had interest in raising money for Science and supporting the new Twig Science program.

Rhea shared that every teacher will be receiving around $500 in new books for their classroom library. This was only possible through the money raised at last year's school auction. Thank you for your continued support!

August 6th Meeting Notes


Introductions: You can see the list of board members on the "Contacts" page.

The website was updated over the summer. Please contact Lisa Willett regarding changes that need to be made to this web page.

2019-2020 Fundraisers:

  • Charleston Wrap will kickoff on Wednesday, September 4th at flag salute and run through Friday, September 20th. ***This will be an every-other-year event.

  • Turkey Trot is November 6th

  • Gala is Saturday, March 14th

  • Tri-Tip will happen in the late spring, but the date is TBD

The budget was reviewed and the budget page of the Eagle website will be updated soon.

Principal Murphy and the teachers talked to the board about purchasing replacement/backup Book Baggies for grades K-3.  New technology will be purchased in the coming months.